Commodity Futures trading charts : Energy Agricultural Metal Material

Brent Crude Oil Futures (ICE EUROPE: B) : Sweet light crude oil. Extracted from the North Sea and comprises Brent Blend, Forties Blend, Oseberg and Ekofisk crudes (also known as the BFOE Quotation). Contract Size - 1,000 barrels. Currency - US Dollars and cents. Trading Price - One cent ($0.01) per barrel. Contract Series - Up to 96 consecutive months. CFD prices are slightly different from Futures prices. But there is no problem in reading the market flow. As CFDs have no fixed maturity (expiry date), it allows to do position trading.

WTI Crude Oil Futures (CME NYMEX: CL) : WTI = West Texas Intermediate. Also called as Texas light sweet. Medium crude oil, relatively low density and sweet (low sulfur content). Major trading hub and delivery point for WTI crude contracts is Cushing, Oklahoma. SPEC: Contract Unit - 1,000 barrels, Price Quotation - U.S. dollars and cents per barrel. Minimum Price Fluctuation - $0.01 per Barrel, Settlement Method - Deliverable, Listed Contracts - Monthly contracts listed for the current year and the next 10 calendar years and 2 additional contract months. Termination Of Trading - Trading terminates 3 business day prior to the twenty-fifth calendar day of the month prior to the contract month.

NATURAL GAS Futures (CME NYMEX: NG) : Natural Gas (CME NYMEX, NG): Contract Unit: 10,000 million British thermal units (mmBtu). Price Quotation : U.S. dollars and cents per mmBtu. Minimum Price Fluctuation : 0.001 per MMBtu. Product Code : CME Globex: NG. Settlement Method : Deliverable. Grade And Quality : Natural Gas meeting the specifications set forth in the FERC-approved tariff of Sabine Pipe Line Company as then in effect at the time of delivery shall be deliverable in satisfaction of futures contract delivery obligations.

Platinum Futures (CME NYMEX: PL) : Contract Unit : 50 troy ounces. U.S. Dollars and Cents per troy ounce. Minimum Price Fluctuation : $0.10 per troy ounce. Product Code - CME Globex : PL. Settlement Method : Deliverable. Grade And Quality : shall be a minimum of 99.95% pure.

Palladium Futures (CME NYMEX: PA) : Contract Unit: 100 troy ounces, Price Quotation : U.S. Dollars and Cents per troy ounce, Settlement Method : Deliverable, Grade And Quality : Palladium delivered under this contract shall be a minimum of 99.95% pure.

Copper Futures (CME HG) : Sign: Cu from Latin 'cuprum'. Major applications of copper: about 60% in electrical wires, 20% in roofing and plumbing, 15% in industrial machinery and 5% in others. Contract Unit : 25,000 pounds. Price Quotation : U.S. Cents per pound. Prices are disseminated in U.S. Dollars and Cents. Minimum Price Fluctuation : $0.0005 per pound. Settlement Method : Deliverable.

WHEAT Futures (Chicago SRW Wheat, CME CBOT, ZW) : Contract Unit: 5,000 bushels (~ 136 Metric Tons). Price Quotation: Cents per bushel. Settlement Method: Deliverable.

CORN Futures (CME CBOT, ZC) : Contract Unit: 5,000 bushels (~ 127 Metric Tons). Price Quotation: Cents per bushel. Settlement Method: Deliverable. Minimum Price Fluctuation : 1/4 of one cent per bushel ($12.50 per contract). Product Code : CME Globex: ZC,CME ClearPort: C, Clearing: C,TAS: ZCT.

Soybean Futures (CME CBOT, ZS) : Contract Unit: 5,000 bushels (~136 metric tons). Price Quotation: Cents per bushel. Settlement Method: Deliverable.

Soybean Oil Futures (CME CBOT: ZL) : Soybean oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the soybean, and It is one of the most widely consumed cooking oils. As a drying oil, processed soybean oil is also used for printing inks and oil paints. Contract Size : 60,000 pounds (lbs) (~ 27 metric tons), Price Quotation : Cents per pound, Minimum Price Movement : 1/100 of a cent ($0.0001) per pound ($6.00 per contract), Settlement : Physical delivery.

Soybean Meal Futures (CME CBOT: ZM) : Soybean meal is produced from the residue left after oil extraction. Soybean meal is used in food and animal feeds as a protein supplement, and also used as a source of metabolizable energy. Contract Unit: 100 Short Tons (~ 91 metric tons). Price Quotation: Dollars and Cents per short ton. Minimum Price Fluctuation: 10 cents per short ton ($10.00 per contract) . Settlement Method: Deliverable. Settlement Method: Deliverable. Product Code: CME Globex: ZM.

Lean Hog Futures (CME: HE) : Lean Hog is a kind of hog (pork) and this type of hog (pork) is the source of the majority of the hog (pork) meat in the US. Product Code: CME Globex: HE, CME ClearPort: LN, Clearing: LN, TAS: HET. Contract Unit: 40,000 pounds. Price Quotation: U.S. cents per pound. Minimum Price Fluctuation: 0.00025 per pound = $10.00. Settlement Method: Financially Settled.

Live Cattle Futures (CME LE) : Contract Unit: 40,000 pounds (~18 metric tons). Price Quotation: Cents per pound. Settlement Method: Deliverable. Seasonally cattle price moves higher from November to January. Prices tend to move lower from February to May. Cattle from the calf stage to the point when they reach about 600 to 800, which takes about six to ten months.

Feeder Cattle Futures (CME: GF) : Contract Unit: 50,000 pounds (˜23 metric tons). Price Quotation: Cents per pound. Settlement Method: Financially Settled. Seasonally cattle price moves higher from November to January. Prices tend to move lower from February to May. When cattle reaches about 600 to 800 pounds, they are transfered to feedlots and they will be considered feeder cattle at this point. They remain on the feedlots for about another five months where they will put on about another 500 pounds.

Rice RoughRice(CBOT:ZR) RoughRice(CBOT:ZR)Serise
Wheat Wheat(CBOT:ZW) Wheat(CBOT:KE) Wheat(CBOT:ZW)Serise Wheat(CBOT:KE)Serise Wheat(CBOT:ZW)CFD
Corn Corn(CBOT:ZC) Corn(TOCOM) Corn(CBOT:ZC)Serise Corn(CBOT:ZC)CFD
Soybean Soybean(CBOT:ZS) Soybean(CBOT:ZS)Serise Soybean(CBOT:ZS)CFD
SoybeanOil SoybeanOil(CBOT:ZL) SoybeanOil(CBOT:ZL)Serise SoybeanOil(CBOT:ZL)CFD
SoybeanMeal SoybeanMeal(CBOT:ZM) SoybeanMeal(CBOT:ZM)Serise
Sugar Sugar(NYMEX:YO) Sugar(NYCC:SB)CFD WhiteSugar(ICEU:W)CFD
Coffee Coffee(NYMEX:KT) Coffee(ICEU:RC) Coffee(ICEU:RC)Serise Coffee(NYCC:KC)CFD Coffee(ICEU:RC)CFD
Cocoa Cocoa(NYMEX:CJ) Cocoa(ICEU:C) Cocoa(ICEU:C)Serise Cocoa(NYCC:CC)CFD Cocoa(ICEU:C)CFD
Orange Orange(NYCC:OJ)CFD
Cotton Cotton(NYMEX:TT) Cotton(NYCC:CT)CFD
Meat LiveCattle(CME:LE) FeederCattle(CME:GF) LeanHog(CME:HE) LiveCattle(CME:LE)Serise FeederCattle(CME:GF)Serise LeanHog(CME:HE)Serise
Dairy Milkiii(CME:DC) Milkiv(CME:GDK) Milk(CME:GNF)
AgOthers Lumber(CME:LBS) Ethanol(CBOT:EH) Rubber(TOCOM) Fertilizer(CBOT:UFV) Fertilizer(CBOT:UME)
Comparison 5Ag(M) 5Ag(W) 5Ag(D) 3Ag(MWD) 5AgC(D) 3AgC[MWD] Wheat(M) Wheat(MWD) Soy(M) Soy(W) Soy(D) Soy(MWD) SoyC(MWD) Soft(M) Soft(W) Soft(D) Soft(MWD) ICEUS-Soft(MWD) ICEEU-Soft(MWD) Sugar(MWD) Coffee(MWD) Cocoa(MWD) Cotton(MWD) Meat(M) Meat(W) Meat(D) Meat(MWD)

Gold Gold(COMEX:GC) Gold(BIST) Gold(TOCOM)
Silver Silver(COMEX:SI)
Platinum Platinum(NYMEX:PL) Platinum(TOCOM) Platinum(NYMEX:PL)Serise
Palladium Palladium(NYMEX:PA) Palladium(NYMEX:PA)Serise Palladium(NYMEX:PA)CFD
Copper Copper(COMEX:HG) Copper(COMEX:HG)Serise Copper(COMEX:HG)CFD
Iron IronOre(COMEX:TIO) CoilSteel(COMEX:HRC) Ferrous(COMEX:BUS)
Aluminum Aluminum(COMEX:ALI)
Lead Lead(COMEX:LED)
Zinc Zinc(COMEX:ZNC)
Cobalt Cobalt(COMEX:COB)
Uranium Uranium(COMEX:UX)
Comparison Pmetal(M) Pmetal(W) Pmetal(D) Pmetal(MWD) Metal(M) Metal(W) Metal(D) Metal(MWD)

Brent Brent(ICEU:BRN) Brent(NYMEX:BZ) Brent(ICEU:BRN)Serise Brent(NYMEX:BZ)Serise Brent(ICEU:BRN)CFD
Dubai Dubai(NYMEX:DCB)
Gasoline Gasoline(NYMEX:RB) Gasoline(NYMEX:RB)Serise
HeatingOil HeatingOil(NYMEX:HO) HeatingOil(ICEU:UHO) Gasoil(ICEU:ULS) HeatingOil(NYMEX:HO)Serise HeatingOil(ICEU:UHO)Serise Gasoil(ICEU:ULS)Serise
Electricity UK-Electricity(ICEU:UBL)
Comparison 3Oil(M) 3Oil(W) 3Oil(D) 3Oil(MWD) NGas(M) NGas(W) NGas(D) NGas(MWD)

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