TOCOM RSS3 Rubber Futures prices chart

RSS3 Rubber Futures : TOCOM = Tokyo Commodity Exchange (Japan Exchange Group : JPX). Rubber is mainly used in tires, base isolation structure of high buildings and medical equipment. Despite the mass production of synthetic rubber, natural rubber is still an important product. Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia account for approximately 80% of the world production of natural rubber. The major natural rubber products traded are Latex, Ribbed Smoked Sheet Rubber and Technically Specified Rubber. Latex is liquid rubber collected from rubber trees. Ribbed Smoked Sheet Rubber is commonly known as RSS. It is made directly from latex. Technically Specified Rubber, also known as TSR, is block rubber made by crashing, cleaning and drying solid rubber.

Type of Trade: Physically Delivered Futures Transaction.
Standard: Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS) No.3.
Opening Date: December 12, 1952.
Trading Hours (Tokyo): 9:00-15:15 and 16:30-19:00. (Note) An order acceptance period ("pre-closing") is established for 5 minutes before the Itayose on close.
Contract Months: Nearest 6 contract months.
Last Trading Day: The fourth business day preceding the Delivery Day.
Contract Unit: 5,000kg.
Price Increment: ¥ 0.1 per kilogram(¥ 500 per 1 Contract Unit).
Price Limits: ¥20.
Circuit Breaker: No trading Halt.
Delivery Day: Until noon of the last day of each even month except December (the 28th for December). If the day falls on an Exchange holiday or the last business day of the year, Delivery Day will be the immediately preceding business day.
Customer Position Limits: Current contract month 300 contracts, 2nd contract month 600 contracts, All contract months combined 10,000 contracts.
Settlement: Resale or repurchase and Final settlement (physical delivery).