ICE Europe: CEU EUAA Futures prices chart

EUAA Futures (ICE Futures Europe: CEU) Contract Specifications
ICE = Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.

European Union Aviation Allowance (EUAA, or EU Aviation Allowance) : Financial instruments that allows the emission of one metric ton of CO2 for aviation participants of the EU-ETS. At the end of each compliance cycle, all EU-ETS participants must surrender enough EUAs or in case of Aviation participants EUAAs to cover all their ...

The EUAA Futures Contract is a deliverable contract where each Clearing Member with a position open at cessation of trading for a contract month is obliged to make or take delivery of EUAAs to or from a Trading Account within the EUA Delivery Period and in accordance with the Rules.

Trading Screen Product Name: EUAA Futures
Trading Screen Hub Name: EUAA

Product Code:
(1) Contract Symbol: CEU, MIC Code: NDEX, Clearing Venues: ICEU
(2) Clearing Admin Name: EUAA, Physical: CEU, Logical: CEU, Symbol Code: CEU

Unit of Trading: European Union Aviation Allowance (EUAA)
Contract: An EUA Futures contract for the purposes of trading and delivering EUAAs within the meaning of Chapter II of the Directive in accordance with the Rules.
Contract Size: One lot of 1000 EUAAs. EUAA being valid for the purposes of meeting the requirements of the Directive.
Minimum Trading Size: 1 lot
Minimum Block Order: 25 lots
Quotation: The contract price is in Euros and Euro cents per metric tonne
Minimum Price Fluctuation: €0.01 per tonne (i.e. €10.00 per lot).
Maximum Price Fluctuation: There are no limits.
Tick Value: €0.01 per tonne (i.e. €10.00 per lot).

Contract Series: December contract months and quarterly contracts are listed from 2012 up to 2021. In addition, the nearest two monthly contracts will also be listed so that there are always three prompt contracts available to trade, including the quarterly.

Expiration Date: Last Monday of the contract month. However, if the last Monday is a UK Bank Holiday or if there is a UK Bank Holiday in the 4 days following the last Monday, the last day of trading will be the penultimate Monday of the delivery month.

Contract Security: ICE Clear Europe acts as central counterparty to all trades thereby guaranteeing the financial performance of ICE Endex contracts registered in the name of its Members up to and including delivery, exercise and/or settlement.

Trading Hours: Open 08:00, Close 18:00 (CET), Monday – Friday

Trading Model: Continuous trading throughout trading hours

Trading Methods: Electronic futures, Exchange for Physical (EFP), Exchange for Swap (EFS) and Block Trades are available for this contract.

Settlement Price: Fixing each Business Day as set out in the applicable Operating Time Schedule, Appendix B.1, at approximately 17:15 hours. Timings are CET.

Initial Margin: Calculated on all open contracts, Initial Margin, as defined in the ICE Clear Europe Clearing Rules, is a deposit held by ICE Clear Europe in order to cover the costs that may be incurred in closing out a position in default. It is returned upon the closing of the position, or at expiry, with interest.

Daily Margin: All open contracts are 'marked-to-market' daily, with Variation Margin, as defined in the Clearing House Rules, being called for as appropriate.

Exchange Delivery Settlement Price: The EDSP shall be the Settlement Price established by ICE Endex at the end of the closing period on the last day of trading for the relevant delivery month. ICE Endex may, in its absolute discretion, determine in respect of the Contract, at any time prior to the EUA Delivery Period, a price other than that specified above.

EUAAs: An EUA within the meaning of Chapter II of the Directive.

Trading Hours:
New York 03:00 - 13:00 (Pre open: 02:45)
London 07:00 - 17:00 (Pre open: 06:45)
Singapore 15:00 - 01:00 (Pre open: 14:45)