[Trend] ICE-US: CT Cotton No. 2 Futures prices chart

Cotton No. 2 Futures (US ICE: CT) :
Contract calls for physical delivery of cotton of certain minimum standards of basis grade and staple length.

Trading Screen Product Name: Cotton No. 2 Futures
Trading Screen Hub Name: NYCC
Commodity Code: CT

Contract Size: 50,000 pounds net weight
Quotation: Cents and hundredths of a cent per pound
Minimum Price Fluctuation: 1/100 of a cent (one "point") per pound equivalent to $5.00 per contract
Daily Price Limit: Futures contracts are subject to a daily price limit that can range from 3 to 7 cents per pound
Settlement: Physical Delivery

Contract Series: March, May, July, October, December.

Last Trading Day. Seventeen business days from end of spot month.

Deliverable Origins: US Origin only.

Delivery Locations: Galveston, TX, Houston, TX, Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX, Memphis, TN and Greenville/Spartanburg, SC. Grade/Standards/Quality: Strict Low Middling Staple Length: 1 2/32nd inc.

First Notice Day: Five business days before the first delivery day of the spot contract month, which is the first business day of that month.

Last Notice Day: Twelve business days from end of spot month.

Trading Hours:
(1) New York 9:00 PM - 2:20 PM (21:00 - 14:20) and Pre-Open 7:30 PM (19:30)
(2) London 2:00 AM - 7:20 PM (02:00 - 19:20) and Pre-open 12:30 AM (00:30)
(3) Singapore 9:00 AM - 2:20 AM (09:00 - 02:20) and Pre-open 7:30 AM (07:30)