List of Futures prices charts

List of Futures prices charts world wide :
Precious Metal: Gold / Silver / Platinum
Agriculture: Grain / Soft / Meat / Dairy / Timber / Fishery
Energy : Oil / Natural Gas / Utility
Metal : Gold / Silver / Platinum / Palladium / Copper / Iron / Alumium / Uranium /Raw materials

Precious Metal: Gold / Silver / Platinum
Gold Futures (CME COMEX:GC, 1oz/USD)
Gold Futures (EUREX:FXGL Xetra-Gold® Futures, 1 gram/EUR)
Gold Futures (BIST, Turkey, 1oz/USD)
Gold Futures (BIST, Turkey, gram/TRY)
Gold Futures (TOCOM, Japan, gram/JPY)
Silver Futures (CME COMEX:SI, 1oz/USD)

Agriculture: Grain / Soft / Meat / Dairy / Timber / Fishery
Rough Rice Futures (CME CBOT:ZR)
Chicago SRW Wheat Futures (CME CBOT:ZW)
KC HRW Wheat Futures (CME CBOT:KE)
Corn Futures (CME CBOT:ZC)
Corn Futures (TOCOM, Japan)
Soybean Futures (CME CBOT:ZS)
Soybean Meal Futures (CME CBOT:ZM)
Soybean Oil Futures (CME CBOT:ZL)
Sugar No. 11 Futures (ICE US:SB)
NO.11 Sugar Futures (CME NYMEX:YO)
Robusta Coffee Futures (ICE EUROPE:RC)
London Cocoa Futures (ICE EUROPE:C)
Cotton No. 2 Futures (ICE US:CT)
Cotton Futures (CME NYMEX:TT)
Live Cattle Futures (CME:LE)
Feeder Cattle Futures (CME:GF)
Lean Hog Futures (CME:HE)
Rubber Futures (TOCOM, Japan)

Energy : Oil / Natural Gas / Utility
Brent Crude Oil Futures (ICE EUROPE:B)
Brent Last Day Financial Futures (CME NYMEX:BZ)
WTI Crude Oil Futures (CME NYMEX:CL)
WTI Crude Futures (ICE EUROPE:T)
DUBAI Crude Oil Platts Financial Futures (CME NYMEX:DCB)
RBOB Gasoline Futures (CME NYMEX:RB)
NY Harbor ULSD (Heating Oil) Futures (CME NYMEX:HO)
Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures (CME NYMEX:NG)
UK Natural Gas Futures (ICE EUROPE:GWM)

Metal : Gold / Silver / Platinum / Palladium / Copper / Iron / Alumium / Uranium /Raw materials
Platinum Futures (CME NYMEX:PL)
Platinum (TOCOM, Japan, JPY/gram)
Palladium Futures (CME NYMEX:PA)
Copper Futures (CME COMEX:HG)
Iron Ore 62% Fe, CFR China (TSI) Futures (CME COMEX:TIO)
Aluminum Futures (CME COMEX:ALI)

Rice RoughRice(CBOT:ZR) RoughRice(CBOT:ZR)Serise
Wheat Wheat(CBOT:ZW) Wheat(CBOT:KE) Wheat(CBOT:ZW)Serise Wheat(CBOT:KE)Serise Wheat(CBOT:ZW)CFD
Corn Corn(CBOT:ZC) Corn(TOCOM) Corn(CBOT:ZC)Serise Corn(CBOT:ZC)CFD
Soybean Soybean(CBOT:ZS) Soybean(CBOT:ZS)Serise Soybean(CBOT:ZS)CFD
SoybeanOil SoybeanOil(CBOT:ZL) SoybeanOil(CBOT:ZL)Serise SoybeanOil(CBOT:ZL)CFD
SoybeanMeal SoybeanMeal(CBOT:ZM) SoybeanMeal(CBOT:ZM)Serise
Sugar Sugar(NYMEX:YO) Sugar(NYCC:SB)CFD WhiteSugar(ICEU:W)CFD
Coffee Coffee(NYMEX:KT) Coffee(ICEU:RC) Coffee(ICEU:RC)Serise Coffee(NYCC:KC)CFD Coffee(ICEU:RC)CFD
Cocoa Cocoa(NYMEX:CJ) Cocoa(ICEU:C) Cocoa(ICEU:C)Serise Cocoa(NYCC:CC)CFD Cocoa(ICEU:C)CFD
Orange Orange(NYCC:OJ)CFD
Cotton Cotton(NYMEX:TT) Cotton(NYCC:CT)CFD
Meat LiveCattle(CME:LE) FeederCattle(CME:GF) LeanHog(CME:HE) LiveCattle(CME:LE)Serise FeederCattle(CME:GF)Serise LeanHog(CME:HE)Serise
Dairy Milkiii(CME:DC) Milkiv(CME:GDK) Milk(CME:GNF)
AgOthers Lumber(CME:LBS) Ethanol(CBOT:EH) Rubber(TOCOM) Fertilizer(CBOT:UFV) Fertilizer(CBOT:UME)
Comparison 5Ag(M) 5Ag(W) 5Ag(D) 3Ag(MWD) 5AgC(D) 3AgC[MWD] Wheat(M) Wheat(MWD) Soy(M) Soy(W) Soy(D) Soy(MWD) SoyC(MWD) Soft(M) Soft(W) Soft(D) Soft(MWD) ICEUS-Soft(MWD) ICEEU-Soft(MWD) Sugar(MWD) Coffee(MWD) Cocoa(MWD) Cotton(MWD) Meat(M) Meat(W) Meat(D) Meat(MWD)

Gold Gold(COMEX:GC) Gold(BIST) Gold(TOCOM)
Silver Silver(COMEX:SI)
Platinum Platinum(NYMEX:PL) Platinum(TOCOM) Platinum(NYMEX:PL)Serise
Palladium Palladium(NYMEX:PA) Palladium(NYMEX:PA)Serise Palladium(NYMEX:PA)CFD
Copper Copper(COMEX:HG) Copper(COMEX:HG)Serise Copper(COMEX:HG)CFD
Iron IronOre(COMEX:TIO) CoilSteel(COMEX:HRC) Ferrous(COMEX:BUS)
Aluminum Aluminum(COMEX:ALI)
Lead Lead(COMEX:LED)
Zinc Zinc(COMEX:ZNC)
Cobalt Cobalt(COMEX:COB)
Uranium Uranium(COMEX:UX)
Comparison Pmetal(M) Pmetal(W) Pmetal(D) Pmetal(MWD) Metal(M) Metal(W) Metal(D) Metal(MWD)

Brent Brent(ICEU:BRN) Brent(NYMEX:BZ) Brent(ICEU:BRN)Serise Brent(NYMEX:BZ)Serise Brent(ICEU:BRN)CFD
Dubai Dubai(NYMEX:DCB)
Gasoline Gasoline(NYMEX:RB) Gasoline(NYMEX:RB)Serise
HeatingOil HeatingOil(NYMEX:HO) HeatingOil(ICEU:UHO) Gasoil(ICEU:ULS) HeatingOil(NYMEX:HO)Serise HeatingOil(ICEU:UHO)Serise Gasoil(ICEU:ULS)Serise
Electricity UK-Electricity(ICEU:UBL)
Comparison 3Oil(M) 3Oil(W) 3Oil(D) 3Oil(MWD) NGas(M) NGas(W) NGas(D) NGas(MWD)

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